With so much to explore and the beautiful landscape to encourage you, the sense of adventure inadvertently boosts in you when in the abode of snow, Himachal Pradesh. There are so many adventure sports to choose from that keep you on your toes and leave you feeling thrilled and filled with elation. The wonderful memories you take away with you are a bonus. So, given here are some of the adventure activities that you must definitely try out once in your life to satisfy the adventure hungry soul of yours.


Exploring the hidden hamlets of Himachal Pradesh, the famous and not so famous nooks and crannies of the state is something that campers enjoy doing every year. Camping in Himachal Pradesh is certainly the best way to reconnect with nature. Discover the true shades of serene yet volatile landscapes by spending a day in the hills camping. Camping is probably the best holiday activity for those who are seeking for an escape from the mundane hustle and bustle of daily life. The flora and fauna surrounding the mountains are picturesque and refreshes ones heart and soul.


Right from enjoying a sluggish walk on terrains to jumping on the rocks, mountaineering accompanied by rock climbing can be really fun if done with precautions. The exceptional and serene landscapes of Himachal Pradesh along with the endeavoring beauty and the thrill can make anyone go crazy and feel adventurous. The mountain ranges of Dhauladhar, Pir Panjal and Chandra Bhaga in Himachal Pradesh are the best places to enjoy rock climbing and mountaineering. Mountain climbers will have to take special permission from the tourism board to go for climbing in Himachal Pradesh.


Enclosed with timeless beauty, Himachal Pradesh is truly impeccable. The salubrious climate and the rich and vivacious culture add immensely to the beauty of this picturesque state. Along with its beauty, the scope of adventure activities is another solid reason for many to visit Himachal Pradesh. Amongst the many popular activities, trekking is the oldest and the most preferred adventure venture in the state. An adventure holiday in Himachal Pradesh is the most anticipated one. An adventure holiday in Himachal Pradesh is the most anticipated one. There are a number of treks that allow beginners or nature lovers to go beyond the usual.


Rafting is available almost throughout the year except in rainy seasons and winters due to climatic conditions. Rafting points located at many stations between Manali to Bhunter. The best place for rafting in Manali is Beas. Beas River in Manali invites the water sports lovers for rafting. When the lashing waves are rising high, it is just breathtaking view. Such an exciting view attracts the rafter lovers to try all levels of adventure. Rafting in Rishikesh is one thing, rafting in Manali, in the icy cold waters of the river is another. The river Beas is at its strongest here, and the rapids are ideal for a thrill rafting adventure.


Himachal Pradesh and its exotic roads welcome you all to come, visit our region and be a part of the experience & thrill of riding a motorbike and traveling around the beautiful region through - mountains, valleys, high plateaus, crossing - villages, streams, rivers, high mountain, high mountain roads, visiting - temples, monasteries, small towns and making numerous friends all around. We guarantee you that the touring experience would be a lifelong memory and to cherish for times to come.